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Customer Relationship Management

1. Project Management

→ Efficiently manage and invoice projects.
→ Stay organized by linking tasks to CRM features.

2. Estimates and Invoices

→ Create professional-looking estimates and invoices.
→ Streamline your billing process.

3. Support System

→ Auto-import tickets for timely customer assistance
→ Provide efficient support to your customers

4. Time Tracking

→ Track time spent on tasks and bill customers accurately
→ Assign multiple staff members to tasks

5. Task Followers

→ Keep stakeholders informed about task progress
→ Enable collaboration and transparency within projects

6. Lead Management

→ Centralize lead information and track progress
→ Auto-import leads from emails and create proposals

7. Proposal Creation

→ Generate visually appealing proposals to increase sales
→ Impress leads and customers with professional proposals

8. Expense Tracking

→ Record company expenses
→ Easily bill expenses to customers and convert them to invoices

9. CRM Insights

→ Gain valuable insights about your customers
→ Understand customer behavior and preferences

10. Surveys

→ Increase customer retention with built-in survey capabilities
→ Improve your services based on customer input

11. Goals Tracking

→ Keep sales goals in mind and motivate your team
→ Track progress and stay focused on achieving targets

12. Announcements

→ Keep staff members and customers informed
→ Share important updates and news easily

13. Contracts

→ Secure current sales with contracts
→ Establish clear terms and conditions for business

14. Custom Fields

→ Store additional information for customers and leads
→ Customize data management to fit your specific needs

15. Payment Integration

→ Accept payments from using PayPal and Stripe
→ Support different currencies for transactions

16. Configurable Options

→ Customize the CRM to match your requirements
→ Tailor the system to your unique business processes

17. Theme Styling

→ Brand the CRM with your company's identity
→ Maintain a consistent and professional look and feel

18. Media Folder

→ Provide staff members with organized file management
→ Keep files separate and easily accessible

19. Calendar

→ Enable staff members to manage their schedules
→ Plan and schedule tasks, and meetings

20. Additional Features

→ Enjoy a range of additional features such as follow-ups, reports, notes, files & employee chatting system.

our software Development cycle

Process We Follow

1. Requirement Gathering

Before starting our project, we put assembling the necessary requirements, materials, and data as our top priority.

2. UI/UX Design

Using the most up-to-date design tools, we produce eye-catching and endearing designs that are the most user-friendly.

3. Prototype

After designing, you will receive your prototype, which will be used to advance the product development process.

4. Development

Development of mobile application/web started using latest tools and technologies with transparency.

5. Quality Assurance

Zotecsoft values quality and provides 100% bug-free applications with no compromise in them.

6. Deployment

After trial and following all processes, your application is ready to launch.

7. Support & Maintenance

Our company offers you all support and the team is always ready to answer every query after deployment.